Course Info


2 mile run, 12 mile bike, 2 mile run
8:30AM Start

Individual/Relay Run – The run will start from the transition area on Huguenot Street (towards Main Street). The run follows North Front Street and makes the left onto the Wallkill Rail Trail. Take the Wallkill Rail Trail to Huguenot Street and make the next left. Follow Huguenot Street back to the transition area. The second run is the same as the first.

Individual/Relay Bike – Exit the transition area making a right on Huguenot Street. Go through the chain (it will be down for the race) towards The Guilded Otter. Make the right onto Main Street going onto the steel bridge. Make the next right onto Springtown Road. Go down Springtown for 5.5 miles turn around and come back in the same direction. It is an out and back bike.

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NOTE: The race is NOT closed to traffic. Please look and listen to volunteers. They will assist you through high traffic areas safely. The run is on the rail trail for about 1/3 and 2/3 on the road. There will be volunteers at all major intersections but it is the racers responsibility to obey all traffic laws (must stop at stop signs etc…). We do make every effort to ensure your safety, but ultimately it is your responsibility to follow the rules.

Kid’s Dual

.5 mile run, 1.75 mile bike, .35 mile run
Start after Adult Awards | Approx 10:30AM

The Kid’s Dual is for those ages 7-14+. For racers that are 14+ and feel they can finish the individual Dual or a portion of the relay, feel free to sign up for full Dual distance race. For the littles, ages 2+, there will be a Kids Fun Run. No registration is required for the Fun Run.

The Kid’s Dual will go North on Huguenot Street and will be a mix of street, rail trail, and open field. The bike will be Huguenot Street and Old Kingston Road. There will be plenty of volunteers directing the athletes.

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